I Love Being A Bottom Bitch

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I don’t call J my boyfriend. He is not a boy and is not my friend. He’s my man. I correct people if they refer to him as my boyfriend. I am his, his main girl, his woman, his kitten, his bottom bitch.

What did I expect before we met?bottom bitch cat

Before J, I was juggling 3-4 guys, each for over a few months. I loved dating and wasn’t looking for a relationship, but something with consistency.  I just wanted to spend time with a guy I had fun with, liked, and had bomb sex with. I was trying to weed them down to just one, but my top two both ended up fizzling out. I was already more confident in myself and with dating than ever before and I loved the thrill of the chase, butterflies, getting all pretty for a date, having someone to text… Girlie shit.

The two official relationships I’ve been in were both awful. I was much more immature and had never actually played the field, didn’t know the type that was good for me – I committed to the first losers who would take me, who couldn’t appreciate all I was willing to do for them. In summary, I like to think now I was searching for a man like J to give me a wakeup call. If I hadn’t met him, I would have casually dated indefinitely until I met a man with Alpha qualities who fully allowed me to be the submissive woman I am today. That’s what I’ve always wanted, but never knew I could have.

Did J set up a frame from the beginning?

Yes, or definitely the gist of it. I knew within the first week of dating J that he would not be monogamous with one girl, planned on traveling the world within 2 years, & would never let a girl hold him down.

After our first date, I didn’t really think about what those things meant long term – they didn’t matter. All I knew was that I wanted to see him more and would do anything to see him again.

How did things get more serious? What challenges did time bring?

We started hanging out maybe twice a week and I started to spend the night more often and come over after work, etc. I was absolutely addicted to him. I have never wanted someone more in my life. Around 2 months after we met, we went to Vegas together for the 4th of July. I already loved him by then and was terrified of my emotions. I knew J didn’t want permanence and I told him (in a beautifully tragic drunk cry) that I thought I should get out now before I would be completely crushed. Oh yes, I also told him I loved him for the first time.

Other girls weren’t the focus here; it was my too powerful connection to him. When we got home from the trip, he told me that since it’ll hurt either way so why not prolong the happiness, but the decision was entirely mine. He didn’t pressure me one way or another. I think all women want a boy to stand up and fight for them – “No don’t leave me! You’re wonderful. I want you in my life! You have to stay!” And I half expected him to, but when he didn’t, it really was up to me. After he took me upstairs and fucked me silly, I decided to stay. It came down to seeing him making changes in me (health, happiness, drive, goal setting…) and I knew keeping him in my life would make me a better person. Or maybe my doped up lady brain just wanted to get pounded a few more times. Haha. Continue reading

“4 Guaranteed Ways To Please Your High-Value Man”

Listen up ladies:::

From: http://thoughtcatalog.com/raul-felix/2013/10/4-guaranteed-ways-to-please-your-high-value-man-2/

“Aren’t you a lucky girl? You finally found a man worth keeping around. He’s in good shape, confident, funny, smart, and knows what he is doing with his life. He has some flaws, but overall, you couldn’t really ask for much more in a man. He’s on his way to the top of his chosen field, is a great lover, witty, social, and fun to be around. He’s an alpha male and has earned the right to be declared a man.

That’s when you begin to worry, because maybe he is too good. You know bitches notice the caliber of man you’re with and will begin to scheme on snagging him from you. Your man is highly aware of this, but is loyal to you. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t notice that some of these women have bigger boobs or a nicer, firmer ass or are just plain hotter than you. He’s a man with options and like any resourceful male, is always assessing the field. He’s with you because he feels you’re the best fit for him. But if you slack and get too comfortable, the chances are really high that he’ll send you packing and will be inside another woman within a couple of hours.

In an effort to help you learn from the mistakes that many women have made, the following is a list of four ways that can help you keep your Alpha Male happy and satisfied, because if you don’t, he’ll find some other woman who will.

1. Never Get Fat

You don’t have a right to be a fat slob when you’re in a relationship with an Alpha Male. That bullshit may fly when you’re dating a beta bitch who doesn’t know what he wants out of life and is too weak to tell you that you’ve gained a few pounds. But your Alpha Male will take that as a sign of disrespect and will make it clear he’s displeased with your weight gain. Your Alpha Male sees you as a trophy, he wants to be able to proudly show you off to his friends, family, and the general public. He wants to be able to say, “This is mine,” and smack your ass proudly. What does it say about him as a man if his woman is a behemoth?

Some of you more stupid types are thinking, “He wants me to be skinny and anorexic? That’s so gross, ugly, and unhealthy.” But a stick figure physique is also not desired. Ideally, men want a woman who has a 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio. Meaning, that the waist is 0.7 times that of the hips. Typically weighing somewhere between, 90 to 130 pounds, depending on how tall you are. Combine a low body weight, a 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio, ample breasts, and it creates the hourglass figure that is the core of many a man’s lust. The closer you come that, the more likely you are to make your Alpha Male happy and content with you. Needless to say, having the body of a potato sack won’t do and will have him looking for action elsewhere.

Your Alpha Male takes your physical looks seriously and so should you. Abandon this modern feminist connotation that once you snag a man and he falls in love with you, he needs to accept you as you are and you’re free to get sloppy and lazy. He is working his ass off to be the best man he can be, you need to woman the fuck up and take care of your physique.

2. Support Him in His Endeavors

Or his dreams of becoming a brutal, cocaine-dealing gangster.

One of the reasons you consider him a great catch is because his ambitions and accomplishments made your girlie parts tingle. He is not only talk, but walk, since he has taken active, measurable steps to achieve his dreams. Maybe he isn’t a full-fledged success yet, but he is on his way. Whether he is working on becoming a writer, doctor, entrepreneur, or any other spectrum of career fields, it’s your duty to support him to the best of your ability.

Our current culture glamorizes the results of hard work and not the hard work itself. Disney and chick-lit loves to paint a portrait of prince charming and highly-accomplished men coming to the rescue of the poor, defenseless female. Yet, they focus very little on the trials and tribulations the man had to go through in order to get to that position in life. It was a long, harsh, unforgiving road for these men to get where they are.

Withhold criticism that isn’t constructive. He hears enough negativity from the rest of the world, telling him to get a normal, safe career, and not rock the boat too much. He doesn’t need to hear it from the person he is deeply intimate with. What he does need from you to be is a person he can use to brainstorm ideas with and to give him honest feedback. Not everything he comes up with will be gold, but you must understand that is part of the creative process. Take an active role in his interests. It may seem boring to you, but if you’re his biggest supporter, then he will be grateful to you and it will highly increase the chances that he won’t kick you to the curb once he achieves the next level of success.

3. Become His Sexual Fantasy

Odds are good that if your man is Alpha as fuck, that he is the dominant type in the sack. He’s the type who loves to pin you down, pull your hair, and smack your ass red. He’s the type who takes great pleasure in making you feel like a woman, as long as you make him feel like a man. Continue reading

Psychology Today: Why Women Prefer Aggressive Men

Just don't get her pregnant, bro

Just don’t get her pregnant, bro

This article from Psychology Today breaks down the dilemma women face between a “dad” and a “cad,” the advantages of each and why. The survey research that back their claims are not rock solid in that they are susceptible to subjectivity (like any research of this kind), but are still interesting.

Theoretically, taking into consideration the costs/benefits of reproductive partners, “women will maximize their reproductive success by choosing a macho man as a short-term mate for his genes, and a less masculine man with a warmer personality for a long-term, invested partner.” However, ovulation complicates things (damn hormones). Science has evidenced that the most fertile women prefer the “bad boys.”

Women prefer the cads (“sexier, with their narrow eyes and strong jaws — but they also tend to be flashy and exploitatative of others” but possess “high-quality genes that they will pass down to their future children”) as short term mates, during ovulation. Why? Because “She wants to extract his good genes for posterity.”

This is only a tiny sample of the article, if you have 3 minutes go read it, it’s short (hopefully not what she said haha).

Very relevant today, where Alpha Male “Player” are perceived to be dominating the pussy market these days.

More Firsts: Shower Sex & Facial

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It’s Saturday. We had just came home from the gym, J played basketball with friends. I huddled on the edge of the bed and lined up my position to watch J as he undressed. Every fucking time I see him naked my heart races. His cut is changing his whole body – my favorite V lines tracing down to his cock are more pronounced than ever. I don’t even blink. I worship his body. When he laughs or coughs and his abs twitch I vividly picture him thrusting into me. Who am I kidding, any time I see his muscles move, or he breaks a sweat, or he looks me in the eyes, my brain is hardwired to associate everything about him with sex. You could say I’m well trained haha. Tossing his basketball shorts, socks, and jersey into the hamper, J stretches up to grab his towel (more tingles) and envelops his lower body in the plushy terry cloth. I sign quietly and resist my urge to hop off the bed and run my nails all over his chest. Before he reaches for the door, J flicks his eyes to mine, “You should shower with me.” “What?” I question instantly, failing to hide my growing smile – this isn’t part of his usual routine. I abruptly stand up, bursting into a full-blown-lips-parted smile and I follow J out of his room, just around the corner to the bathroom. He lets me walk ahead of him, and closes the door behind us. While J turns on the shower, I linger facing the door, in front of the mirror, and may or may not be checking out my growing biceps/triceps haha.

J sets his towel on the counter and moves in front of me. He doesn’t even need to tell me to take off my clothes; the path of his eyes grazing up and down my body then concluding deeply and intensely into my eyes says it all. I close the gap between us. Leaning myself against his chest, I reach my arms behind his back and lightly scratch from his shoulders past the little dimples above his ass and slide my hands down the sides of his hips. He’s always so warm – my icy hands thaw out over his skin and goosebumps prickle my arms and legs. I hum with lips pressed against him, then look up in his eyes and let out a schoolgirl giggle. I take a step back, grab hold of my shirt and raise my arms above my head. I toss the tank top on the floor and unclasp my bra in one swift movement. The cooler winter air bites at my nipples and I can see the pink skin tighten up and harden into a point. Still a couple of steps away, I turn away from J, tuck my thumbs under the waistband of my yoga pants, and bend over as I slide them and my panties down over my ass and to the floor. I delicately step out of my little pile of clothes and return to him. The cold tickles me everywhere and I move to touch more of my body on his hot skin.


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Field Report: Going out alone after taking the Red Pill

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This past Wednesday (I guess it’s called “Blackout Wednesday” because of the holiday haha) I went out with my sister to some local bars. She met up with some dude she wants to date so I was pretty much riding solo – which I had no problem. I pregamed heavily, can rock out some pretty good lone wolf game, was easily one of the top 5 hottest (only?) girls in the bar, and was never actually alone because I was constantly being approached. It was very eye opening going out without J for the first time in a while. My mind has been transformed, I’ve swallowed the Red Pill. I saw everything differently.

Even in my buzzed state, I was analyzing game and approaches, seeing straight through the bullshit guys feed to naive girls because that’s what they think they want to hear. I talked with one guy (shorter, masculine face, skater-ish style, nice smile) and tore apart his front… in a flirty way haha. I had to spice things up when I received the third “Where are you from?” in the last half hour… Please ask me anything else besides that!! — no “Where did you go to high school?” either. So he made some joke about me hurting him when I walked away, I asked him if it was common for women to hurt him, he said it’s happened before. I asked what happened (like I said, had to spice things up haha). He was appropriately vague, but brought up relationships. He said he had only had one girlfriend (he’s 23 like me) and is verrrrryy picky when choosing a woman to elevate above “dating.” Then the good stuff started spewing. He said he’s picky because his girlfriend is the most beautiful woman on earth, he only has eyes for her, that she’s the most important thing in his life…

I laughed and called him out, “Bullshit!” He laughed too, and I continued — That’s a lie. There will always be girls hotter than the girl you commit to. You’l look at girls everywhere and wish you could bang them. You shouldn’t lie to her and tell her you don’t even look at anyone else, point to the hotties and say “Man, she’s sexy!” and your girl should agree and maybe comment on how awesome her titties are. Relationships should be like business arrangements. They have to benefit you both and the positives have to make up for the restrictiveness of commitment. But it’s fine you haven’t had many relationships, you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t settle down for another 15 years and only if you want a family. Unless you really want to commit yourself to one girl while you’re in your prime.

I think I shocked the socks off him. He was still smiling, and replied “Yes” in response to wanting to commit to a lady at a tender 23. Hey dude, that’s your choice, I didn’t bash him for it or push any further. Some guys want a committed relationship, maybe they haven’t realized the potential they could have, still have faith in women in general, or like being bossed around by a girl. I’d had my fun, went on my little rant and was ready to move on. When I started easing into the goodbye, he leaned in and told me he appreciated the honesty and had never heard something like that from a girl. Then asked me to join him at an after party at his buddy’s house a couple of blocks away. Knowing nothing else about me besides my little Red Pill speech I gave, he wanted to take me home. Hilarious. I smiled, took the compliment, and said I was going home with my sister, but thank you for the offer, gave him a hug, and parted with “Good luck.”

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I Appreciate Game When I See It

Saddle Ranch cotton candy - No thanks, I'll take my calories in Long Islands

Saddle Ranch cotton candy – No thanks, I’ll take my calories in Long Islands

J’s good friend (and somewhat of his protégé) Captain Crunk has game. I’ve only known him for the last few months, so I don’t know where he started, but dude’s a natural.

Captain Crunk wrote this field report about a night out at last weekend which outlines the night and what goes through his head while on the prowl. It’s interesting to read a man’s report because it’s much more straightforward than the kind of things I write — men write about what exactly they did, why that step makes sense, and what was the result. I am far from direct, bringing in flowery details and more emotional heavy descriptions. That’s why I enjoy reading his and other men’s blogs so much.

Anyway, back to the report… My friend I took out that night, Beckham (as Captain Crunk dubbed her) is a good girl to game on. She is a “good girl” who didn’t smoke or take shots with J and I before heading to the bars, but she’s sweet, approachable, social, not-a-bitch. I’m shocked I had any game at all – thank’s for the nod, CC. I was hammered and cross-faded as fuck. But I had a blast. My best game is probably when I’m the most wasted because I have no inhibitions, I become a social butterfly and will talk to/put moves on anyone. But yes, unfortunately this can backfire (in the case of the dweebs) because I just enjoy talking, don’t really care to whom. Obviously I’d rather talk to J and Crunk or lay some girl game on some pretty girlies, but unfortunately the only rule is that whoever is in the nearest proximity to Drunk Kitten gets the attention.

I need the liquid courage sometimes haha. This really hit me last night (Tuesday) when everyone met up to go out. Crunk was working on these 2 girls for a small portion of the night. When we were sitting at the table (me, Crunk, J, and the 2 girls), I was listening to most of the verbal exchanges and CC had mad moves. plus half the time I was thinking, “Woah, that would totally work on me.” Haha good signs. He keeps that teasing, playful tone in almost everything he says and comes back with HILARIOUS lines instantaneously. He didn’t ask boring questions and kept both of the ladies smiling and giggling.  The only way to hold such effortless conversations is to practice. I know CC goes out a fair amount, last night wasn’t even a hard core hunting sesh, just a fun night out with some buddies (one visiting from out of town), but utilizing any opportunity to practice goes a long way. Captain Crunk stands out because he doesn’t have to try and game anymore, it just flows. That’s what a lot of guys miss – that absolute security in front of females. You can tell when a guy is trying to force an attitude or disposition, CC doesn’t need to pretend he’s a great talker or a dominant guy – He naturally had or worked his way to having stellar confidence (what I think is the backbone of good game) and is seasoned in  conversing with women. I’m thoroughly impressed. He will go far.

High five, dude. I applaud you.

Should Humans Be Monogomous?

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The goal of a species is to reproduce. Period. Without the hard-wired obligation to pass on genetic code and father successive generations, entire populations would go extinct. Humans are always a bit out of the scope of traditional evolutionary teachings because our advancement & domination over the planet give us many luxuries as a species. So what is it that determines human mating patterns? Is it our biology? Our culture?

First things first: there are four possible mating systems observed in animals: monogamous (1 male + 1 female), polygyny (1 male controls access to multiple females), polyandry (1 female mates with multiple males), and polygyandrous/promiscuous (multiple males mate with multiple females). Throughout nature, polygyny is predominant.

Mating patterns depend on availability of resources in an environment – mainly female distribution.  Assuming animals will select for behaviors that increase the success of passing on their genes, there is a greater evolutionary advantage in a polygynous system.  Males gain advantage from multiple mating, so are promiscuous and compete with other men for mates, while selecting females who are fertile (young, attractive, capable of bearing and raising their offspring) (Hawkes et al. 1997). Female animals have a greater risk in the reproductive game – they invest a great deal more time in each offspring (gestation period & nursing) so they must be choosier and want a partner who will provide resources and assist in raising offspring.sexual dimorphism

In animals, one of the markers for polygynous & competitive mating systems is body size dimorphism – basically physical differences between the two sexes in a species. Weckerly’s paper Sexual-size dimorphism: Influence of mass and mating systems in the most dimorphic mammals explains “size and strength may be significant factors deciding male-male interactions that determine dominance and access to females” when a dominant male maintains control over a harem of females (1998). For example, the largest alpha male gorilla (twice the size of lady gorillas and towers over other males) is more likely to win a competitive fight therefore providing security/protection and will more easily gain control of territory & resources. This is a male the female gorillas will want to be with.


BIOLOGICALLY (our lack of sexual dimorphism) suggests monogamy

  1. Homo Sapiens do not exhibit distinctive body size or canine length between males and females (Ipina & Durand, 2010)
  2. However, women do favor men with observable secondary sex characteristics that suggest physical strength and health (broad shoulders & narrow waist, muscular body structure), but like other primates, there is a virtually limitless set of attractive traits – ex. personality, looks, type, personal preference… (Dixson, Dixson, & Anderson, 2005).
  3. Level of human body size dimorphism is associated more closely with levels in monogamous, pair-bonded mating systems (Dixson, Dixson, & Anderson, 2005)

HOWEVER, scientists agree human societies are POLYGYNOUS (Dixson, Dixson, & Anderson, and Kanazawa & Novak)

  1. “5/6 of human societies are polygynous and divorce and remarriage (at least under some circumstances) is allowed in all known human cultures” (Kanazawa & Novak, 2005).
  2. Humans partake in serial polygyny as opposed to concurrent (i.e. humans have successive relationships with other partners one after another  rather than at the same time)
  3. Culture has made multiple partners the norm

Human mating patterns are CULTURALLY DEPENDENT

  1. There is so much variety it’s almost impossible to generalize all humans under one category
  2. “Culture” is uniquely human


I don’t have the answer. Anthropologists don’t have the answer.  Humans are way too complex to say one way over another is better for all of human-kind. But this all makes sense in understanding human sexual patterns.

As stated earlier, CULTURE is a uniquely human construct. In the case of our sexual relationships and mate choosing, culture outweighs biology (which seems to suggest we should be monogamous). Our extreme availability of resources limits the need or importance of biologically directed behaviors.

Evolution says women should prefer to mate with men who will commit and provide for offspring, but women today are going against biology to sleep with “alphas” who will not commit. We are going against the ideal evolutionary plan based on this social construct. Culture changes have allowed for and accepted this to occur.

Sex is not exclusively linked to reproduction anymore, so our entire definition of mate-choosing has been broken down and rebuilt. Women are allowed to have many short term partners – there isn’t the same pressure for women to be selective, monogamous child-bearers.

Has culture created a giant pussy buffet?

  • BIRTH CONTROL has encouraged women to be more promiscuous by eliminating the risk associated with sex (getting pregnant and having a child to take care of). Because of this new-found freedom, women have had more sexual partners than ever and have made themselves more readily available for men than ever before.
  • The smaller percentage of attractive, dominant, successful men have their pick of any women. They have little risk in having many partners (could provide for offspring if necessary). They don’t have to commit because there is an endless line of women ready to take the previous bitch’s spot.
  • Theoretically there may be a limit to how many women a man can bang, by the principle of Diminishing Returns, repeating a behavior will eventually cause negative effects that will overcome the positives – too sex partners would start to have a negative effect (child support, STDs, drama haha).

Man-woman relationships constantly change throughout history, which is why it’s hard to define a mating system and detail the dynamics. Currently we are in a period of promiscuousness – from song lyrics to night club dynamics to celebrity role models, our culture embraces it. Humans may ebb back into a more 50s traditional family unit or it may continue to spiral into a black hole of sluttiness. I guess while we can, let’s enjoy the plethora of sex!

Where do you think humans lie on the mating system chart? Where/When do you think it will shift?

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